New Family or Student Admissions Process

Please contact the administration to schedule your appointment with the Principal. Please bring to the appointment:

• A copy of the most recent Report Card (if applicable)

• A copy of any professional learning assessments (if applicable), AND

• Any psycho-educational assessments or current IEP (if applicable).

You can use the checklist to ensure that everything is completed. Your registration application will not be accepted until all forms and payments are received. 

  • Interview with the Principal. 
  • Copy of the most recent Report Card (if applicable).
  • Copy of any professional learning assessments (if applicable).
  • Copy of Child(ren)’s Birth Certificate. 
  • Copy of Child(ren)’s Immunization Record.
  • Completed Registration Form. £ Pre-Authorized Payment Agreement (PAD) (if applicable).
  • One cheque for the Capital Levy (for new families only).
  • One Tuition cheque dated for May 1, 2019 OR Two Tuition cheques dated for May 1, 2019 and November 1, 2019).

Returning Students Admissions Process

All current BCA students, with the exception of our graduates, will be automatically enrolled for the subsequent school year. Parents will be required to provide the school with a completed Senior Program Selection Form to declare what programs are preferred for the subsequent school year on or before the required date specified on the form. Tuition rates with their due dates for the following year are posted on the Fees and Payment Options Form.

Families will be sent an invoice that details the Fees and Payments by email. Unless notified otherwise (before the date specified in the Registration Form), Burlington Christian Academy will apply the same payment plan for the family as was previously requested. For families who have preauthorized debit (PAD) in place, the new rates and fees will be applied as per the invoice starting May 1st. If paying by cheque, please submit the cheque or cheques to the Finance Office prior to May 1st.