Principal’s Corner | June 7, 2019

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Dear BCA Families, Our week began with the Grade 2 assembly on Monday. They acted out the parable of the Lost Sheep based on Luke 15, and sang the song "Loyal" by Lauren Daigle. The parable tells of how the shepherd looks after his sheep and will leave the 99 sheep to go find the one that was lost.  Jesus said that in the same way the shepherd rejoices when finding his lost sheep, God rejoices when someone who does not believe in God finds God and becomes his child. Students recited the verse where Jesus says "I am the [...]

Principal’s Corner | May 31, 2019

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Dear BCA Families, Our week began with the Grade 4 class leading Chapel. We continued the school theme of the "I am" statements of Jesus, which were usually told in a parable. The parable we talked about is when Jesus said "I am the true vine" (John 15:4). A parable is a story that Jesus used to teach others about God. Jesus used stories that the people he was talking to could make a connection with so that they could understand God's truths better. In the parable we presented, Jesus said He is the vine. Jesus used a vine [...]

Grandparents’ Day | May 31, 2019

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Grandparent’s Day We are looking forward to hosting Grandparent’s Day on Friday May 31 from 1-3 p.m. in the BCA gym. We have an afternoon of student entertainment planned along with serving the grandparents refreshments. The students are very excited to perform for their grandparents and show them their classroom. Grandparents will have a chance to visit the classrooms following the gymnasium time. We appreciate your donation of cookies, squares, and fruit. We need volunteers to help with clean up following the event. 

Principal’s Corner | May 24, 2019

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Dear BCA Families,  It has been a great short week! Tuesday I had the privilege of travelling to London with the Track and Field team as they participated in the annual CAASO (Christian Athletic Association of Southern Ontario) Track Meet. Congratulations to all our athletes. Thanks to the many parent helpers and cheerleaders! I will share the results in next week’s PC.  It was brought to my attention that Compassion Society who serves the needy in the Aldershot Community is in need of food donations. Our senior students helped out at Compassion Society before Christmas and were able to [...]

Principal’s Corner | May 17, 2019

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Dear BCA Families, This week in Chapel, Mr. Cope spoke about Christ’s statement, “I am the true vine”. He spoke of how Christ used common comparisons to things people would understand in His time period.  Mr. Cope said that today, Christ might have used cell phones to represent us and compared himself to the electric power that lets cell phones work. Without power, a cell phone cannot do anything, but with power it can do amazing things. The Bible tells us that with Christ, we can do great things for God, but without His help, we are powerless. Just [...]

Principal’s Corner | May 10, 2019

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Dear BCA Families, At Monday’s Chapel we continued with the theme of the “I am” statements of Jesus. This week I spoke to students about “I am the vine” based on John 15:5 “I am the vine, you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing”. In this verse the “I” represents Jesus and the branches are those who are followers of Jesus, us. The fruitful branches are those believers who by their living and close relationship with Jesus produce much fruit. [...]

Principal’s Corner | May 3, 2019

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Dear BCA Families, Please note that tomorrow's 'Spring Clean Up' will continue rain (indoors) or shine (outdoor/indoors), as planned from 8-noon.  Cleaning supplies/gloves would be appreciated.  Thank you in advance, for your time, energy and support. Grade 8 students received their invitation to Graduation today. Please ask your Grade 8 child for the invitation. More information about Graduation is included in the Principal's Corner document, attached. PTA is coming to BCA! Click here for more information! Golf Tournament: Gift Card Challenge Our most popular and exciting contest is back! Read below to learn how to win a Chromebook! As you [...]

Spring Clean-Up | Sat May 4, 2019

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Question: Who ISN’T ready for Spring!?! Answer: BCA’s gorgeous school grounds. Didn’t see THAT coming, did you? Being the good problem solvers we are, here at Burlington Christian Academy, we have found a solution: BCA’s Annual SPRING CLEAN-UP. It’s always darkest before dawn. This axiom is never so true as it is when applied to Spring. The flowers, the blossoms, (the allergies, shh don’t go there), longer days, shorter nights, warmer times trickling into the glorious lush green heat of June. BUT before all this fabulous pop de printemps happens on the grounds of BCA, we [...]

Rotary Medal Award Recipients!!

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We have some pretty amazing alumni at BCA! We are thrilled to share that former BCA Students Mia and Cassie were 2 of the recipients of a Rotary Medal Award for serving in their community and exemplifying "service above self". They were nominated by their principals and teachers and only 2 students per high school received an award. The following criteria were also considered in selecting award recipients: grades, accomplishments, school involvement, community service. We are so proud of their continued success!             View this post on Instagram           [...]