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Coldest Night of the Year | Feb 22, 2020

2020-02-16T22:16:44-05:00February 12th, 2020|Categories: Community Outreach, Events, News, Newsy Bits, School Life|

Hi All, The Coldest Night of the Year event is a week away today! It might be cold out there but its warm in here!  We have 20 kids and their brave parents joining us... including three staff members! Way to go BCA! Want to walk with - sign up soon! If you can't join us, consider donating to Thanks all! Good luck BCA! Mrs. C. Dear BCA Families, Our Students and Staff continue to strive to help those in need in our community. Together we will be walking in the Coldest Night of the Year (CNOY), a [...]

1st PLACE! 2019 Tri-School Spelling Bee

2019-11-26T23:20:40-05:00November 18th, 2019|Categories: Brag Board, Community Outreach, Events, News, Newsy Bits, School Life, Spelling Bee|

Could we 'BEE' any more excited to share this news with you? Last week several of our Junior and Senior students traveled to Rehoboth Christian School to take part in the Tri-School Spelling Bee Competition, and proudly came back to BCA with the 1st place trophy! Congratulations to our Senior team for placing first overall and to our Junior team for their dedication to attending weekly practices and positive attitude and energy that they brought to the team; we look forward to seeing how you continue to develop at next year's competition as you join our Senior division. [...]

BCA is Going Green!

2019-11-26T23:30:37-05:00November 8th, 2019|Categories: Brag Board, Community Outreach, Events, News, Newsy Bits, Principal's Corner, School Life|

BCA is going green!Thank you to Ms. Watt from Halton Waste Management for coming to visit the school this week for an informative assembly as we learn how to become a Green School. We are excited to announce that we have already put blue and green bins in all of our classrooms and are working toward building our very own compost station at the school. Our Green Team club is off to a great start and we are looking forward to seeing what initiatives they come up with next! We are thrilled to be partnering with the City of Halton as [...]

EdVenture | Session 1 Ends with a … splat?

2019-10-31T12:36:37-04:00October 23rd, 2019|Categories: Brag Board, EdVenture, Events, News, Newsy Bits, Principal's Corner, School Life, Senior Programs|

EdVenture's first session this year, the sky was the limit as students designed, built, tested, and revised their plans to build catapults. This physics based unit involved the study of several types of simple machines in order to successful create a compound machine. the catapult. Students learned the history of the catapult and concepts related to store energy of tension, torsion, and gravity used to propel objects. Their culminating project was to work in groups to create their own strong catapult to launch pumpkins. With different targets set up on the hill, students from our Junior Kindergarten classes to Grade 8 [...]

CAASO Cross-Country Meet | October 18 2019

2019-10-31T12:16:31-04:00October 19th, 2019|Categories: Brag Board, Events, Extracurricular, News, Newsy Bits, Principal's Corner, School Life|

On Friday October 18th, BCA competed in CAASO’s cross country meet. Thirteen Christian schools attended and had wonderful weather for running. Thirty students from BCA competed and were supported by a wonderful cheering section. All students displayed great effort and represented our school with wonderful sportsmanship. Well done BCA!

From the Compassion Society of Hamilton

2019-10-22T14:00:50-04:00October 16th, 2019|Categories: Brag Board, Community Outreach, Events, News, Newsy Bits, Principal's Corner, School Life|

From the Compassion Society of Hamilton Thank you to the young volunteers from Burlington Christian Academy today. They were an awesome group and they sorted clothes, bagged sugar, flour, potatoes and fresh produce, they did our Thanksgiving raffle draws, they organized and hung Halloween costumes and had fun while helping their community. Special thanks to Heather and their teacher who supervised them and helped out with them. You guys rock???? #BurlingtonChristianAcademy, #Communitycares, #Youthwhocare See the post here on Facebook:  

Into the Woods, JR!

2019-06-05T14:57:43-04:00June 2nd, 2019|Categories: Brag Board, Community Outreach, Events, Newsy Bits, School Life|

Congratulations again to the cast of "Into the Woods Junior" for their performances earlier this month. Involved in all aspects of the production, from set pieces and props, to assisting with lighting and stage crew, these talented Grade 6-8 students put on another spectacular show under the direction of the talented Miss Michelle Wagman and Miss Christina. We cannot wait to see how they continue to shine in next year's Spring Musical! We continue to be most proud of how this community of actors support one another as they conquer the stage! Bravo! Visit the link below to check out [...]

Rotary Medal Award Recipients!!

2019-05-06T13:58:56-04:00May 1st, 2019|Categories: Brag Board, News, Newsy Bits, School Life|

We have some pretty amazing alumni at BCA! We are thrilled to share that former BCA Students Mia and Cassie were 2 of the recipients of a Rotary Medal Award for serving in their community and exemplifying "service above self". They were nominated by their principals and teachers and only 2 students per high school received an award. The following criteria were also considered in selecting award recipients: grades, accomplishments, school involvement, community service. We are so proud of their continued success!             View this post on Instagram           [...]


2019-04-09T11:51:09-04:00April 4th, 2019|Categories: Brag Board, Newsy Bits|

April 5, 2019 BCA Floor Hockey Teams The BCA floor hockey team travelled to RIM Park on Thursday to compete in the CAASO (Christian Athletic Association of Southern Ontario) annual floor hockey tournament. Both teams made it to the quarter finals. Thanks to their coaches Mr. Cope, Mrs. Struyk and Miss Bowler and to our parent drivers. It was an excellent day of sports participation. See pictures of the tournament below.                View this post on Instagram                     The BCA floor hockey teams travelled [...]