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If you are unable to afford the full cost of tuition, BCA has a Bursary Fund program designed to help those families who need assistance. The school has adopted a confidential and fair approach to providing bursaries. Specifically, BCA works with an independent, third-party online financial service, FAST (Financial Aid for School Tuition), that will gather information from you and provide a recommendation to BCA as to the level of assistance that is appropriate in your circumstances.

The recommendation is then reviewed by BCA’s Finance Committee and a final decision on how to allocate the available bursary funds for the school year will be made. To begin the process, submit your completed registration package to the school and apply for financial assistance by visiting the school website and go to the Tuition and Fees page at

fast-logoLook for the FAST link on that web page, click on the link and complete your application. There is a US$25 fee associated with the application. Please submit your registration package and apply for the bursary as early as possible to ensure that we can make final decisions on bursaries promptly. You will receive a notification by email as to the final bursary allocations.