“Our focus at Burlington Christian Academy is on differentiated instruction. This approach allows teachers to know their students and can teach to each student’s strength.”
-Principal Heather Crossing

At BCA, we believe that differentiated instruction is at the very foundation to a student’s academic success. Our teachers spend time learning about each of their students. By understanding the unique learning abilities of each student, our teachers can teach and connect with each student individually. We know each student learns differently. It is important for us to have students that can’t wait to come to school. A child who wants to be at school, is ready to learn!

We also have a very strong focus on and commitment to experiential learning. In addition to our amazing classroom work, we introduce the students to hands on learning experiences. We believe that through “Learning by Doing”, it exposes students to experiences that will captivate their minds and help them find something to be passionate about, with a lasting impact.

Experiential learning at BCA has opened a new world to our students. It allows students to experience life. The end result is active participation that engages higher brain function and stimulates the senses. These experiences challenge our students to gain insight and apply this new found knowledge to their personal lives and future growth as leaders within the community. Our three main programs at BCA that fully integrate this ideology in everyday practice are EdVenture, ALPA, and Curtain Call.

In the EdVenture program, no two weeks are alike. Our goal is to expose students to new learning experiences by engaging them in activities ranging from athletics to the arts, from history to science and technology. Through hands-on learning, we strive to generate a passion for education. For more detailed information about the EdVenture program, click here.

ALPA (Advanced Level Programming in Athletics) is a program geared for students who possess a strong commitment and desire to play sports while receiving advanced level training, coaching, and mentoring in the sport of their choice. Students are exposed to an educational program that focuses on strong academics and advanced level training in athletics, health and fitness. Their timetable is well within the Ontario Ministry of Education guidelines and includes “Specific Training Sessions” and a “Healthy Active Living” component. For more detailed information on the ALPA program, click here.

In Curtain Call, singing, acting, choreography, stage performance, costumes, and set design will be the areas of focus. Musical theatre can be one of the most enjoyable forms of expression and we intend to bring out each individual’s artistic and creative side! Talents will emerge as students learn songs and roles on stage and practice performing. For more detailed information on the Curtain Call program, click here.