Why Choose Burlington Christian Academy?


Founded in 1975, BCA has become Burlington’s leading Christian School with over 180 students in grades JK through to 8. We offer one of the most progressive educational programmes in Southern Ontario. Our grades 6-8 enjoy an educational experience that teaches ‘Academics, Leadership and Life Skills’. We infuse the Ontario Provincial curriculum with hands on learning that excites and motivates students!


Burlington, Ontario – convenient to all greater Toronto and Niagara area locations. A safe and caring community with numerous places to visit, shop, and become a part of!


Classrooms, arts studios, library/resource centre, wireless campus, SMARTboards, small class sizes, 9 acre campus, conservation trails.


Faculty are committed and value each student individually. They are also available for tutoring anytime after class. BCA is a school where students are mentored and encouraged to be involved, develop friendships and academic excellence.


Grades 1-8
Integrated ESL: available for all grades with an ESL professional


Athletics: basketball, badminton, volleyball, ice hockey, skiing, golf, tennis, soccer, cross country, Ultimate Frisbee and track & field.
School of the Arts is available for all grades.

Our Signature Programs

BCA is committed to a student’s overall success. It adheres to the Ministry of Ontario guidelines.

Advanced Level Programming in Athletics (ALPA)

ALPA is a program geared to students who possess a strong commitment and desire to play sports while receiving advanced level training, coaching, and mentoring in the sport of their choice. Strong academics, advanced level of training in athletics, health, and fitness as well as opportunities for leadership training and experience are the core features of the program.

EdVenture Studies 

Students in this program are exposed to a variety of learning experiences outside the traditional classroom. They engage in the arts, athletics, and ‘science and technology’ through experiential, hands on learning to generate a passion for life experiences. Programming includes, but is not limited to, first aid, horseback riding, racquet sports, photography, team building, orienteering, CPR, and team building exercises.

Curtain Call

Singing, acting, choreography, stage performance, costumes, and set design will be the areas of focus. Musical theatre can be one of the most enjoyable forms of expression and we intend to bring out each individuals’ artistic and creative side! Talents will emerge as students learn songs and roles on stage and practice performing. Curtain Call will prepare students for what it would be like to be in an actual musical theatre rehearsal.

Residential Program

Students are housed in great home stay locations, all within a 5 KM radius of campus. Meals, a comfortable room, transportation, extra-curricular activities and “caring staff” make this program outstanding.

University Preparation

BCA is intentional about preparing students for success! Students are counselled at an early age regarding their future university preparations and individualized academic plans.

BCA Admissions Process

Step #1
Return the following documents by scanned (via e-mail to office@onlyatbccs.com ) and send the originals by mail:

  • Admission forms filled out – scanned, faxed or e-mailed from web site or hard copies;
  • Birth certificate and Passport information (copy)
  • Last year’s final report card as well as this year’s most recent report card (official transcripts);
  • All test scores (ESL, etc.) and copies of any educational or psychological tests completed in the past three years
  • Non-refundable admission fee – $1000.00 CDN deposit which is deducted from tuition

Step #2
When BCA receives and reviews all of the above documents, an admissions acceptance decision will be communicated as soon as possible.
If the school accepts your application, you will also be sent the following documents:

  • Letter of acceptance
  • Proof of medical coverage
  • Residential profile information to ensure that you are matched with a great family for you

Step #3
You must complete, sign, and return all appropriate documents as soon as possible by DHL, FedEx, or Purolator.

Step #4
To study in Canada, parents must obtain a student visa from The Canadian government. You should contact the Canadian Embassy closest to your residence in your country. The embassy staff will help you process your student permit. Please bring your acceptance letter with you and all supporting documents. If you have additional questions about the process or need helpful hints, we invite you to go the website of the Canadian Embassy at: http://www.cic.gc.ca/.

Once your visa is approved and you receive your student permit, we will communicate next steps in your travel and orientation process, WELCOMING you to Burlington Christian Academy!

BCA School Fees

Tuition Fees: $42,500 CAD

Fee includes:  All education costs, guardian services, medical insurance, home stay fees and agent fees.

*The balance of fees is due upon the acceptance of an offer of admission. Once the fees have been received, a “Letter of Acceptance” will be forwarded immediately for student permit purposes.

International Student Application Forms:

Burlington Christian Academy International Students Application Form
Burlington Christian Academy Homestay Profile Form

Contact Us

E-mail: Mrs. Diana St. John, office@onlyatbccs.com
Phone: 1(905) 639-7364
Fax: (905) 639-1657
Address: 521 North Service Road W., Burlington, Ontario CANADA