Dear BCA Families,

Our week began with the Grade 2 assembly on Monday. They acted out the parable of the Lost Sheep based on Luke 15, and sang the song “Loyal” by Lauren Daigle. The parable tells of how the shepherd looks after his sheep and will leave the 99 sheep to go find the one that was lost.  Jesus said that in the same way the shepherd rejoices when finding his lost sheep, God rejoices when someone who does not believe in God finds God and becomes his child. Students recited the verse where Jesus says “I am the good shepherd. I know my sheep and my sheep know me”. The song “loyal” talks about the faithfulness of God and his unchanging nature and Jesus as our good and faithful shepherd who will always be with us and his love remains steadfast and enduring towards his children.

(Submitted by Mrs. Makonnen)

Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

We are excited to have our first Parent Teacher Association (PTA) at BCA. The following are your elected PTA executive:

  • President – Tosha Freitag
  • Vice-President – Robert Grigsby
  • Treasurer – Anna McDowell
  • Secretary – Colleen Linde 

The first PTA meeting will be announced shortly.  The primary focus of the BCA PTA is to:

  • Centralize additional fundraising activities and volunteer opportunities
  • Communicate with parents, BCA Staff, Student Council and BCA Board
  • Establish more school wide events
  • Increase networking opportunities for necessary school purchases

Update on Daniel’s (in SK) Grandpa from his mom, Angela:

Derek’s dad is doing great! Praise God that through this tough time in life we weren’t alone. A million thanks to our BCA prayers and all the support we got from sisters and brothers in Christ. Although Derek’s dad will not be like the way he was before, I hope that my father-in-law will have a speedy recovery. Derek will be back next Tuesday and I am sure Daniel will be so happy to go and pick up daddy from the airport!! Thank you so so much again everyone!!! I feel so blessed here at BCA!” 

Missing Ukele

Grade 5 student Emily is missing her Ukulele that was forgot at school on Friday after Grandparent’s Day. It may have been left outside. As with anything special that is los: she is very upset and she purchased it herself with her Christmas money, a double hit. It was in a black soft zippered case with a zipper pocket on the front (possibly with a pick in the pocket with Emily written in the edge), The name Amahi Ukuleles on the front of the case in yellow stitching. It is medium toned brown with a creamy white trim detail along the perimeter of the Ukulele. Any help in finding the Ukulele would be greatly appreciated! Emily herself is even offering a small reward for whoever turns it in. 

Missing Uniform Items

Parents, please check your child’s uniforms at home and send in any items that may have made it home that were not your child’s. Thank you.

Upcoming Events

New Uniform Sale Tuesday June 11. 

Our uniform provider, DGN Kilters will be at the school selling uniform items from 2-6 p.m.

Used Uniform Sale – June 17-21 in the lobby.

For more information see letter included with today’s Principal’s Corner

SK Graduation – Thursday June 20 starting at 2 p.m.

All parents are invited to celebrate with the SKs and their families. 

Awards Assembly – Friday June 21

All parents are invited to attend our award’s assembly starting at 9 a.m. in the gym and will run for about an hour. At this time students in Grades 4-7, who have met the criteria will receive awards. The awards for Grade 8 students will be handed out at their graduation ceremony on Monday June 24th. The following are the award criterion that was handed out earlier in the year, before the progress reports were handed out.

Last Day Noon Dismissal

The year is quickly winding down. A reminder that June 21 is a half day ending at noon. There will be no after care provided.

Awards Criteria

Honour Roll

Students in Grades 4-8 will be recognized for achieving honours in a minimum of 7 out of 9 subjects.  

Students in Grades 7-8 will be recognized for achieving honours if their combined average of all subjects is 85% or higher for both terms.

In Math, there are 5 strands; these strands are combined for one math mark.  

Citizenship – (Grades 4-8). 

In order to receive the Citizenship award, students will have demonstrated the following behaviours throughout the school year:

  • Consistently demonstrated a Christ-like attitude towards others 
  • Consistently demonstrated respect towards staff, visitors, peers, school property, and others’ property
  • Consistently abided by the school rules and expectations and acted responsibly in the classroom and on the playground
  • Consistently demonstrated leadership skills and took the initiative to help others (i.e. without being asked)
  • Consistently taken responsibility for his/her learning by completing assignments, and coming to school prepared with the necessary materials

Principal’s Award – Students in Grades 4-8.

This award is presented to a student in each grade (Grade 48) who has achieved academic excellence in all terms and demonstrates excellence in citizenship.

Annetta Toews Citizenship Award

This special citizenship award is presented to two BCA students each year.  A student in each class is nominated for this award. Through teacher voting two candidates are selected to be recipients of this award, one student in Grades JK-4 and one student in Grades 5-8.  Annetta Toews was a long time teacher at BCA who died shortly after retiring from BCA. She was someone who was deeply committed to her Christian faith and always treated others with kindness and love. 

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