Dear BCA Families

At this week’s Monday Chapel Mr. Cope and Miss. Jaclyn led us in some worship songs, a great way to begin our week! The SK class then recited Psalm 23 from memory.

Some of our students who participated in the annual speech meet at Rehoboth School presented their speeches.

  • Luc from Grade 4 recited his speech on PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).
  • Grace from Grade 6 recited her speech on CF (Cystic Fibrosis).
  • Shannon from Grade 7 recited her speech on skills we learn from competing in sports.
  • Bella from Grade 8 recited her speech on funny, odd and interesting laws in different countries.

The speeches were excellent and students should be proud of their public speaking skills. Congratulation to Shannon who placed first overall at the speech meet.

2019-2020 BCA Registration

Over the past weeks, the administration team has engaged in an extensive review of our registration processes. The primary goal of our analysis and revision was to make the processes more straightforward for our BCA families and improve the workflow at the office, for Mrs. Teri Hayward and Ms. Karen Ellis (bookkeeping). We are confident you will agree we have achieved our goal.

Over the next few months, we will offer you an abundance of opportunity to familiarize yourself with the changes and have all of your questions and concerns addressed. The first opportunity will be on Wednesday March 27th at 3:45 p.m. when the administration team will host a Q&A session at the school and we invite you to join us.

Here is a summary of the changes:

  1. We have consolidated all Procedures, Policies and Expectations into a revised BCA Parent Handbook. It was posted on our website on March 8, 2019. It is now the one-stop location for all standard information. The BCA Parent Handbook will be updated and extended as needed to ensure you have access to the most up to date information. We invite your suggestions for the inclusion of additional information.
  2. The Registration Form has been reduced from 17 pages to 4 pages and is only required once for a new family or student to BCA. Each year, for each child, parents will complete a one-page Program Choices Form to select their program choices for the next year. Instead of requesting separate signatures, a new Signature Page requires only one signature and all parents will be asked to sign this one Signature page. You will no longer be required to calculate your own fees for the year. Once we receive your program choices, we will send you an invoice payable on or before May 1, 2019, and apply the payment plan (1, 2, or 12 payments/year) you already have in place.
  3. Our analysis revealed the GIFTS volunteer program operations proved to be arduous for the families and office staff. Tracking the time was unwieldy to manage, the post-dated cheques were awkward and the end-of-year replacement cheques were time consuming. The Board has therefore elected to eliminate the GIFTS volunteer program that required an individual cheque for $750 for each family. Instead, we added $500 to the base tuition. We truly enjoy the contribution of our volunteering parents as they add a wonderful enrichment to our school. We look forward to the continuation of such a contribution in our future years. Parents who experience undue stress from the cessation of this program are advised to use the FAST bursary program to apply for financial assistance.
  4. We have simplified the payments for the Extended Care Programs. The costs for this program are now included in the calculation of the total school costs for families who choose to participate, paying regularly through their school invoice. Families who use the program occasionally can pre-purchase vouchers (20 uses each) from the office and use them as needed. In an emergency, parents may use our Extended Care programs at no cost. It is presumed that ‘emergencies’ would occur no more than three times per year.

R&D Session

We have been enjoying our R&D sessions and recently had guest speaker, Len Dykstra talk to teachers about children and mental health. He spoke about the importance of children having a sense of belonging and acceptance and as educators we should be deliberate about creating a school environment that is kind, loving, supportive, nurturing, respectful and safe. We trust this has been your experience at BCA.

I hope you have a wonderful March break. See you back at school on Monday March 25th.

Mrs. Crossing