Dear BCA Families,

Our week began with the Grade 4 class leading Chapel. We continued the school theme of the “I am” statements of Jesus, which were usually told in a parable. The parable we talked about is when Jesus said “I am the true vine” (John 15:4). A parable is a story that Jesus used to teach others about God. Jesus used stories that the people he was talking to could make a connection with so that they could understand God’s truths better. In the parable we presented, Jesus said He is the vine. Jesus used a vine to relate to the people he was talking to because many of them were farmers and had gardens and they could understand the relationship between a vine, a gardener, and the fruits or flowers that grow. By doing this, his audience could understand and learn how Jesus is like a vine because he is the root of our connection to God. If we stay connected to Jesus, we will be able to receive the gifts of the Spirit and grow closer in our relationship to Him. We were proud to present a play to the school where we pretended to be some branches connected to a tree, and told our audience to look out for the things that tried to tempt the branches to disconnect from the vine. We hope our play helped everyone learn how to stay connected to Jesus, the true vine. Next we did a rap and a dance to a song that explained all the different fruits of the spirit that we can receive if we stay connected to the vine. Carys, Jillian, Sam, and Fola played songs on the piano that they learned from their SOTA lessons.

Written by Carys, Hannah, and Jillian. (submitted by Mrs. Collier).

CAASO Track and Field Day

Students enjoyed a wonderful day of competition at London’s University of Western Ontario’s track. Many of our students placed in the top 10 individually in their events. Congratulations to Brooke in Grade 5 who placed 2nd overall in her division. Thanks to the many parent helpers and cheerleaders. It was a great day of competition and fun.

PTA Voting – Please remember to vote for our 20192020 PTA. Voting ends at 11:59 p.m. tonight.

Grandparent’s Day

Student work is proudly displayed around the school today in anticipation of Grandparent’s Day. We enjoyed having Grandparents visit while students from each class performed. We trust the day was enjoyed by all.

Grade 7 Sculptures are the centerpieces on the tables for Grandparent’s Day.

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