Dear BCA Families,
I hope you are enjoying a wonderful summer!
We have been busy planning for the upcoming school year and I am excited to share our new staff news with you.
The following staff have been recently hired: Diana St. John, Jude Kudera and Tammy Smith.
Diana St. John has been hired as our new administrative assistant. Diana has many years of experience working in the corporate world as well as for non-profit organizations. She is very excited about her new role at BCA. She is in the school this week working with Teri Hayward.
Jude Kudera will be teaching music. Jude has served as Director of Music, teaching for many years.  He has taught music from Grades 1-8 and has developed and implemented curriculum to meet and exceed the Ontario Music Curriculum guidelines. In addition to his teaching experience, Jude also is an organist and Minister of music at his church. 
Tammy Smith – Tammy will be teaching Grade 5. Tammy was one of our excellent supply teachers this past year. She has taught previously in the public school system. Tammy has a background in PE and we look forward to having Tammy teach some of our PE classes.  Tammy has also worked in her church as a youth pastor planning and implementing children’s programs. 
Miss Bye will be moving in to the Special Education role full time since she recently completed her specialist course in Special Education. 
Heather Bruinsma who has taught Grade 3, 1 and music part time will be moving into the role of Grade 2 teacher.  
We will be sending out our Back to School letter towards the end of August. This will include a letter from your child(s) teachers as well as a list of what school supplies are needed.
I hope you enjoy the rest of the summer!

Heather Crossing


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