Dear BCA Families,

The Grade 7 class presented the Remembrance Day chapel on Monday. Jack opened the assembly playing “Oh Canada” on the flute. We wanted to remind all those in attendance of the importance of remembering the past. With this idea in mind the students wrote and performed a skit about the role women have played in Canadian military history. We wanted to remember that keeping peace means not just staying in the past but bringing the idea of peace to our present. Some of the students taught a song “I’ve got peace in my fingers”, about spreading peace by our actions and our words. Finally the class wanted to add a personal aspect to the assembly, Jonathan, Ella and Shannon read essays that they wrote about “What Remembrance Day means to me”. The assembly closed with a moment of silence and Noel playing “The Last Post”.

Twin/Triplet Day:

The Student Council invites students to grab a friend or group of friends and dress the same on Tuesday, November 20th. Be as creative as you can.

School Closure Policy

With the recent snowfall I wanted to let families know about our school closure policy, as taken from the BCA Parent Handbook:


If the school is closed for any reason, families will be contacted by email.  BCA will be closed when any one of the following three area Halton schools are closed.
Specifically, if Glenview Public School, Aldershot Elementary School or Central Public School is closed due to a weather event, Burlington Christian Academy will also close.

  • If the above schools are not closed but the School Principal deems it prudent to close BCA, the School Principal may decide to close the school. It is understood that the decision to close was based on weather information that was predicted to result in seriously hazardous driving conditions for the BCA community.
  • Even when the school is open and the weather may be in some question, it is always the responsibility of the parent to decide whether it is safe to take their child to school for that particular day. The discretion for safety associated with transportation for a child is the sole responsibility of the parent or guardian.

If the school is to be closed due to inclement weather, the School Principal will circulate the decision to close to all participants via email.

Showing Local Love Via Fundraising

Grade One Student Bentley Plans to Climb 1,776 Steps of the CN Tower to Raise Needed Funds for Others

On Saturday November 24th, grade one student Bentley will be doing the 2018 CN Tower Climb for United Way (with his dad Robert as his chaperone). With others from the community, Bentley will try to climb 1,776 steps to the top of the CN Tower to help others rise from poverty through fundraising efforts. United Way Greater Toronto works to meet urgent human needs and strategically tackles social issues in our region. Our family is very happy to be supporting this wonderful and important work. We hope you’re able to support Bentley’s climb through a donation to United Way. Here is the link:

Thank you for supporting our annual Tinsel Town Bazaar on Saturday. It was wonderful to see so many BCA families helping out at the various stations. There were over 700 people who
attended! A special thanks to the organizing committee of Tosha Freitag, Christa McKay, Allison Brindle, Lindsay Murray, Colleen Linde, Sandy Faulkner, Catherine Evans, Cait Geddes, Tanya
Steele, Sandra Yip, Tammy Beattie, Susan Confente and staff Jenn Cooke, Allison McDade and Sam Price. Our final numbers are not in yet, but we will keep you posted.

Tinsel Town Vendors 2018

Tinsel Town Vendors 2018