Burlington Christian Academy has provided academic excellence with a strong Christian focus since 1975. Our school’s mission; That all students may know Christ and share their faith, living it out daily as they become successful learners, is based on the original mission statement of the school, …that the school would be a bright light in the community as it turns hearts toward the Gospel and God’s Word.

At BCA, we strongly believe that students who have a passion for learning have the best chance for success. We strongly emphasize the Differentiated Instruction approach to learning so that teachers know their students and how they learn best. This approach helps students to enjoy school while instilling the belief that they can learn.

The special programming offered sets us apart from other schools: Advanced Level Programming of Athletics (ALPA), EdVenture (Experiential Learning Program), Curtain Call (Music and Theatre Arts Program), Discovery, Educational Therapy, and Search and Teach (Early Reading Diagnosis) . These programs add to the quality and excitement of a student’s learning experience.

Rob Lofthouse