School Closure Policy

If the school is closed for any reason, families will be contacted by email and the closure will be posted on our social media sites. The goals of this policy are to balance the risks associated with travel for each of the participants with the desire to maximize the instructional time for our students.  BCA will be closed when any one of the following three area Halton schools are closed: Glenview Public School, Aldershot Elementary School or Central Public School.

• If the above schools are not closed but the School Principal deems it prudent to close BCA, the School Principal may decide to close the school. It is understood that the decision to close was based on weather information that was predicted to result in seriously hazardous driving conditions for the BCA community. 

• Even when the school is open and the weather may be in some question, it is always the responsibility of the parent to decide whether it is safe to take their child to school for that particular day. The discretion for safety associated with transportation for a child is the sole responsibility of the parent or guardian.

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