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At BCA we provide private lessons for the students that want to pursue a serious learning of Spanish as a 2nd language. More information about this clicking here:  2017-2018 Learn Spanish Brochure & BCA 2017-2018 Registration Form.

More information at BCA Learn Spanish Policies & Procedures or contact Carolina Corral at carolina.corral@onlyatbccs.com or (905)299-2150.

BCA also offers Spanish for the JK’s & SK’s (as part of their curriculum) and a Spanish club open to all the grades. Updates for both programs are posted here every week.

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Updates – JK & SK Spanish Class


  • Sep 8th, 2017:

Bienvenidos!!! – Welcome everyone!

Our Spanish class went really well today. We introduced ourselves in Spanish and read a book called “Mi familia y yo” (My family and I) to learn all the names for the members of the family in Spanish!

In the next few weeks we’ll make puppets of the members of the family to introduce ourselves!










Updates – Spanish Club

BCA’s Spanish Club will start soon. It is open to all grades and ages and it usually happens during Lunch Recess.

More Songs & Useful Links

Spanish Christmas Songs

  1. Que Canten los Niños – May the Children Sing May the Children Sing – Que canten los niños
  2. Canción para la Navidad – Song for Christmas Time Song for Christmas time – Cancion para la Navidad – Song for Christmas time
  3. Más allá – Beyond Beyond
  4. Color Esperanza – Colour of Hope by Diego Torres Colour of Hope – Cancion Color Esperanza – Colour of Hope
  5. Mi Burrito Sabanero – The little donkey, born in the fields. Version  #1 My little donkey & Version #2 Mi Burrito de Belen  – Mi-Burrito de Belen-My little donkey of Bethlehem
  6. Ven a Cantar, que ya llegó la Navidad – Come and Sing,Christmas has arrived Come and sing – Ven a Cantar – Come and Sing Christmas is here

Religious songs

  1. Padre Nuestro – The Our Father Song.  Our Father Song – Canción del Padre Nuestro


  1. The Spanish Alphabet – El Abecedario: The Spanish Alphabet – El Abecedario
  2. Abecedario – Spanish Alphabet using  different words to explain the sounds Abecedario with words
  3. Barney sings the ABC in Spanish Barney ABC’s
  4. A funny version of the Spanish Alphabet: “Which things start with… – Qué cosas comienzan con …” Funny Alphabet
  5. La canción de las vocales – The vowels song The Vowels song youtube link – Ronda De Las Vocales-The Vowels Song


  1. Saludos Básicos – Basic Greetings  Greetings # 1  Greetings # 2
  2. Pronombres – Spanish Pronouns Spanish Pronouns

Fun Spanish Songs for Children

  1. Sambalele. Sambalele
  2. Al Mirarte Madre Mia – Looking at you, Mother.  Al Mirarte MAdre Mia – Spanishppt
  1. Yo tengo un osito de lana – I have a little teddy bear made out of wool Little Teddy Bear
  2. El Pájaro Carpintero – The Woodpecker Woodpecker
  3. La Mariposita – The Little Butterfly Butterfly – LA MARIPOSITA Spanish Song Lyrics
  4. Duerme negrito – Sleep, my Little black boy Little black boy
  5. La Iguana Y El Perezoso – The Iguana & the Lazy Guy Iguana & lazy guy
  6. El Reloj Cucú – The Cuckoo Clock Cuckoo Clock
  7. La Marcha el Oso Hormiguero – The Anteater March Anteater
  8. Yo tengo un Amigo que me Ama – I have a friend who loves me I have a friend called Jesus, who loves me

 About our Spanish Teacher– La Señora Corral

Email: carolina.corral@onlyatbccs.com

Carolina Corral is our JK/SK Spanish teacher & runs the Spanish club since 2013. She holds a degree in Psychology from “Universidad de los Andes” (Bogotá – Colombia) and has 11 years of Training & Human Resources experience. She has also worked as a prívate Spanish teacher & translator since 2008.

Carolina is married to Rafael Corral and they have 4 sons; 3 of them currently attending BCA. She loves art, music and spending time with her family. She feels blessed to be part of the BCA family.Habla Espanol

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