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At BCA we provide private lessons for the students that want to pursue a serious learning of Spanish as a 2nd language.  You can find more information about our programs and register using this form: 2018-2019 BCA Learn Spanish Brochure & Reg Form

More information at BCA Learn Spanish Policies & Procedures or contact Carolina Corral at carolina.corral@onlyatbccs.com or (905)299-2150.

BCA also offers Spanish for the JK’s & SK’s (as part of their curriculum). Updates are posted monthly.

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Songs & Useful Links

Spanish Christmas Songs

  1. Que Canten los Niños – May the Children Sing May the Children Sing – Que canten los niños
  2. Canción para la Navidad – Song for Christmas Time Song for Christmas time – Cancion para la Navidad – Song for Christmas time
  3. Más allá – Beyond Beyond
  4. Color Esperanza – Colour of Hope by Diego Torres Colour of Hope – Cancion Color Esperanza – Colour of Hope
  5. Mi Burrito Sabanero – The little donkey, born in the fields. Version  #1 My little donkey & Version #2 Mi Burrito de Belen  – Mi-Burrito de Belen-My little donkey of Bethlehem
  6. Ven a Cantar, que ya llegó la Navidad – Come and Sing,Christmas has arrived Come and sing – Ven a Cantar – Come and Sing Christmas is here

Religious songs

  1. Padre Nuestro – The Our Father Song.  Our Father Song – Canción del Padre Nuestro


  1. The Spanish Alphabet – El Abecedario: The Spanish Alphabet – El Abecedario
  2. Abecedario – Spanish Alphabet using  different words to explain the sounds Abecedario with words
  3. Barney sings the ABC in Spanish Barney ABC’s
  4. A funny version of the Spanish Alphabet: “Which things start with… – Qué cosas comienzan con …” Funny Alphabet
  5. La canción de las vocales – The vowels song The Vowels song youtube link – Ronda De Las Vocales-The Vowels Song


  1. Saludos Básicos – Basic Greetings  Greetings # 1  Greetings # 2
  2. Pronombres – Spanish Pronouns Spanish Pronouns

Fun Spanish Songs for Children

  1. Sambalele. Sambalele
  2. Al Mirarte Madre Mia – Looking at you, Mother.  Al Mirarte MAdre Mia – Spanishppt
  1. Yo tengo un osito de lana – I have a little teddy bear made out of wool Little Teddy Bear
  2. El Pájaro Carpintero – The Woodpecker Woodpecker
  3. La Mariposita – The Little Butterfly Butterfly – LA MARIPOSITA Spanish Song Lyrics
  4. Duerme negrito – Sleep, my Little black boy Little black boy
  5. La Iguana Y El Perezoso – The Iguana & the Lazy Guy Iguana & lazy guy
  6. El Reloj Cucú – The Cuckoo Clock Cuckoo Clock
  7. La Marcha el Oso Hormiguero – The Anteater March Anteater
  8. Yo tengo un Amigo que me Ama – I have a friend who loves me I have a friend called Jesus, who loves me

 About our Spanish Teacher– La Señora Corral

Email: carolina.corral@onlyatbccs.com

Carolina has been our Spanish teacher at BCA since 2013. She holds a degree in Psychology from “Universidad de los Andes” (Colombia – South America) and has +11 years of Training & Human Resources experience.  She is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Instructional Design and Technology.

Carolina has 4 sons, 3 of them currently attending BCA. She loves art, music and spending time with her family. She feels blessed to be part of the BCA family.Habla Espanol

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