Question: Who ISN’T ready for Spring!?!

Answer: BCA’s gorgeous school grounds.

Didn’t see THAT coming, did you?

Being the good problem solvers we are, here at Burlington Christian Academy, we have found a solution:


It’s always darkest before dawn.

This axiom is never so true as it is when applied to Spring. The flowers, the blossoms, (the allergies, shh don’t go there), longer days, shorter nights, warmer times trickling into the glorious lush green heat of June.

BUT before all this fabulous pop de printemps happens on the grounds of BCA, we need a few moments of your time on Saturday May 4th for our annual SPRING CLEAN-UP (Festival).

It’s not really a festival as such, but we know in our heart of hearts that the festive spirit will inspire each of you to find even an hour to come on down and help make BCA shine in time for those May flowers these April rains have promised us.

The Deets:

Saturday May 4th from 8am til noon. This exciting once-in-a-yeartime event is a drop-in occasion.

Here. Right here: Burlington Christian Academy

We figure there are some 100+ families at BCA this year (including staff and faculty) so we would like to take this day to prove another fine axiom (this notice is up to 3, now):

Many hands make light work.

Now, we don’t need you all to call or email and let us know when you’ll be there. All we need to know is that at some point on May 4th, as many of you as possible will descend on the grounds and pitch in.

Those arriving earliest have an opportunity to use one of Mrs. Crossing’s “golden rakes” which she’s been refurbishing in her office, these many weeks decades of winter. These rakes have been cherished members of the school since the early 1700’s, having recently been restored to optimal Spring Clean-Up fitness by none other than Mrs. Crossing herself. 

So let it not be said in your home “mom, dad, I’m bored.” The moment you hear those magic words, pack up the kids and head on over and show them how we killed boredom in the good ol’ days before YouTube and Netflix.

And if anyone wants to bring some Timbits, we wouldn’t turn our noses up, just sayin’