“I’m sad our son won’t need to register for next year. Maybe he should take his “victory lap” now instead of after grade 12. He has LOVED BCA and we can’t express enough how great it has been for him to find a warm and safe environment after his experiences at his previous school. He’s a different, happy, and more confident boy as a result of BCA. Thanks!”

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Financial Aid for School Tuition

Tuition are intended to cover most of the operating costs of the school and it is the responsibility of the Board to manage the balance between reasonable tuition rates and meeting the fiscal needs of the school.

BCA has a “Family based” tuition plan where the first child in the family pays the standard tuition rate and each subsequent child in the family pays a lower tuition. Rates for the next school year are generally set early in the calendar year and can be obtained by calling the school at (905) 639-7364.

After-Tax Tuition Cost

Tuition over and above the deemed secular cost of education is eligible for an income tax credit.

Other Costs

Over and above tuition costs, there are additional costs to cover the following:

  • Before & after school child care
  • Uniforms
  • Grade 7 & 8 instrument rental
  • Activity Fee (class trips and busing for events/trips)
  • GIFTS Fee (refundable upon completion of volunteer hours)
  • Senior Programming Fees
  • Milk program
  • Hot lunch program
  • Some school supplies for grade 5-8
Tuition Rates

Tuition can be paid in one single payment, semi-annually, or monthly. The rates and payments depending on the payment option chosen and the number of siblings enrolled from each household.